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I first clean fired cases tumbling them in rice mixed with BB's in two 40-ounce coffee cans taped together on a Thumbler's Tumbler.

Then decap them and put 'em in a terry cloth bag about a foot in diameter and 4 feet long that had some laquer thinner sprayed around its inside. Shushing that bag with each end closed gets all the media dust off the cases making them squeaky clean for lubing.

My case lube's a 40-60 mix of Hoppe's No. 9 bore cleaner and STP engine oil treatment. A few drops of that go on the foam liner inside a 40 ounce coffee can that goes on a Thumbler's Tumbler. I put in as many cases as I can full length size in about 20 minutes. That's enough time to evenly coat the cases such that bottleneck rifle cases full length size consistantly. Those sized cases have no more than a .002" spread in headspace; good enough for best accuracy. No other lube (including ISW and others marketed as "case sizing lubricant.") has done this as efficiently or as good as that Hoppe's-STP mix I got from someone decades ago.

Then those slippery sized cases go back into the terry cloth tube with more laquer thinner on its inside. They clean up very nice and dry quickly sushing 'em back and forth several times.
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