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How long is an individual issue.

I have never been a speed freak when reloading comes.
Tatical awareness is more important to me.
Plus being able to reload without looking. It will either be dark or you will want to keep your eye on the "target".

Mt prefered way to carry extra ammo is a Bianchi Speed strip. It lies flat in the pocket or in a Simply Rugged pouch.
Now down to the issue if you need more than 5,6,7,or even 8 rounds.
I don't remember where or when I herd of the New York Reload but it is a back up gun ready to go.
So if you are packing a .357 3 inch 686 with 158 gr loads in the chambers then a possible BUG would be a 640 with 158 gr. LHP with .38s in a speed strip for both.
I also like the option of passing my bug to someone else if need be. I can not figure out a better way to watch my six.
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