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"Can you give me the time frame and location of this event please.

Thanks for the info. I was in a discussion with a non shooter over school shootings and his take was that the body count would be lower if magazine fed firearms were banned and if we were to have handguns they should be revolvers because of the length of time of the reload the cops could get there before to many shots were fired."

You can google "Pozzetto restaurant massacre" for plenty of info on this one; it happened Dec. 4, 1986, when Campo Delgado walked into a restaurant in Bogota with a hunting knife and a Llama DA revolver in a briefcase, he sat down, had a nice meal, and then started killing people. Before this started, he had already killed one of his students and her mother, another 6 in his building and he killed another 20 in the restaurant. If only ONE of those people had had a weapon and the intent to use it, they could have ended it right there.
Gun control in Canada: making the streets safer for rapists, muggers, and other violent criminals since 1936.
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