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Most of the guys on my pistol team who shoot 41s use CCI Standard Velocity. I shot a 41 for many years and found that it was very accurate with just about anything, but tended to be a bit fussy about feeding certain brands. Regular cleaning, even a bit of brushing out with an old toothbrush during a match, helped that quite a bit.

If you can get ahold of a box or two of the Aguila SV that CMP is currently selling for around $250/case, it's worth checking to see if it works well in your gun. If it does, it's probably the best deal around on target ammo. I'm currently competing with a Walther GSP which works great with it. I had my first alibi a few matches ago after shooting probably 10,000 rounds of the Aguila and I think it was likely my fault because I hadn't cleaned the gun for several months.
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