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Opinion: I see the whole deal as two things: Species survival and carrying capacity of the habitat.

There should not be so many herbivores that the habitat is over-grazed or over-browsed. There should not be so many predators that herbivore populations are in decline.

As long as herbivores are not over-grazing/browsing in average years, there aren't "too many" and the habitat is okay. As long as their populations are stable, there is no over-abundance of predators.

(I realize that there is a normal rise and fall in the numbers of both groups, but that's a separate discussion.)

As I see it, people without some amount of technical knowledge of those factors have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the discussions. "I don't like..." is irrelevant.

I'm obviously omitting discussion of issues concerning domesticated livestock, but "Ya gotta start with the fundamentals."
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