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Wishful thinking or maybe not

Just saw on Fox News Channel some of the proposals coming out of Joe Biden's committee on reducing gun violence. In addition to Feinstein's greatly expanded AWB is what appears to be a national registration scheme and tracking of all guns/gun owners. I know right now the gun grabbers in Congress think that they are on top of the world but when reality sets in and some of them remember that Clinton's passage of the original AWB (which was benign compared to today's proposals) was attributed to the Democrat's loss of both houses of Congress, some of the wind may be go out of their sails. 2014 is going to be an off year election and we are going to have a bigger turn out of issue oriented voters.
I guess what I'm am wondering is that if the gun grabbers get what they want are they setting themselves up for a watershed pro-gun turnout in 2014?
What do you think?

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