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The LCR 357 is a little heavier than the LCR 38. This also helps with recoil some. I agree with the poster above most 357 Magnum ammunition will kick way to hard. The Speer 135 short barrel is only slightly hotter than 38 +P, so it might be tolerable. I think I carried Short Barrel 357 in my LCR 357, but I do not remember ever shooting any in it.
The Crimson Trace Laser Grips are hard to beat for a revolver laser. The grip activation switch works very well.
The laser switch on the bodyguard is unhandy from most reports.

I conceal carry several revolvers in J, K, L, and N Frame. I am totally comfortable carrying several different ones because they all work exactly alike.
The Bodyguard would be OK for a person only carrying a single revolver. The cylinder release would probably be an improvement over the older design, if you were using it exclusively. Also for the Left Hander the cylinder release should be easier to operate. Likewise the different grip angle would not be a problem if you were just carrying the bodyguard.
Good Points: It has a pined on front sight so it would be easy to change for an XS Tritium 24/7 Night Sight.
It is a little lighter than a 442.

Shooting reports differ, some seem to have great triggers while others are rated at way heavy. Same thing I read about the LCR. The one thing all the shooting reports have in common is, The Bodyguard Kicks Hard. This probably has to do with being lighter, as well as the different grip angle.

Caution: If you get a bodyguard wet get the batteries out of the laser and get it dried out ASAP. The wet batteries will kill the laser from the reports I have read.

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