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Yep, another anti-gun scheme is laid out. That devious scheme will take a back seat in the coming months as congress and the white house get tangled up in debt ceiling and budget cutting debates.
There are two ways you can look at it.

First, and I agree, we have much bigger fish to fry. The current policy of diverting funds out of the economy and into government is a recipe for disaster, and because we refuse to learn from history, our currency, and therefore our economy will go down the tubes. Hence, in addition to investing in lead, you should also invest in silver. But I digress. The fact is, that we are teetering on insolvency on a massive scale, the kind of scale that causes cataclysmic change.

The second way to look at it is that because gun control is an emotional issue, it could be used to divert the attention of the ignorant voter away from the economic problems we face - a kind of fiddling while Rome burns scenario. The two salient facts for this scenario are (a) most voters are ignorant about all sorts of things related to policy, and (b) for the last 100 years, our elected representatives have shown an immense propensitiy to kick the national debt can down the road.

I hesitate to pick the most likely scenario. Either way, the central government is loosing its grasp. I think it collectively recognizes this. It may see gun control as a way to hang on just a little longer in the hope that it can find a way out. Unfortunately, hope is a pretty lousy strategy.
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