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I have the 442 Pro Moon Clip you speak of. The only source I have seen for them is Bud's.

I carry my 442 mostly in a Lobo Pancake holster, with either 1 or 2 reloads on the belt infront of the holster. I carry them in the California Competition Works Shoot A Moon Carriers "SAM".
The website could use a little navigation help. When you find the California Competition Works revolver stuff, you will be looking for SAM for 5 Shot J Frame. They are a spring steel with center post carrier. Just like the grown up versions for 686's and 627's. They work great and are bullet proof.

Another good thing about a Moon Clip J Frame. With a conventionally loaded J Frame you can have issues with the short ejector rod not popping all the rounds out. It is possible to get an empty under the star. This is a bad situation under stress. This cannot happen using moon clips. If they hang, just grap the cluster of 5 and jerk them free.

Moon Clip Reload Speed.
I have reloaded J Frames with loose rounds, Speed Strips, HKS speed loaders, Safariland Comp I speed loaders, as well as moon clips., so I do have experiance with all methods except the Jet Loader which most would consider a little large for concealed carry.
If you practice reloading with HKS, Comp I and Moon Clip reloads, and then do a speed test starting with the cylinder open and the loading device in hand you will discover that the Moon Clip is the fastest method of reload, but not by much. The long slender 38's are not as easy to hit the holes with as a 6 shot 45 or 6 Shot 40/10mm. Where the Moon Clip Reload Speed really picks up is when the reload is carried on the belt in the Shoot a Moon spring steel carrier. The Moon Clip Reload carried in a SAM will always be in the same location. The reload will always be oriented nose down when you grab it. And the Moon Clip reload is fast to get a hold of.
I have never seen a J Frame speed loader carrier that was acceptable for a speed reload. I am not saying one is not made, just that I have never seen it.
If anyone shoots in BUG Matches reloading with a Jet Loader, I would like to hear how the Jet Loaders are carried as well.

Ammunition: The TK Moon Clips supplied with the 442 Pro Moon Clip are the thickness that accepts Remington, Federal, and Speer ammunition, and some others. Winchester has too thin an undercut under the rim for this thickness of moon clip.

Loading Methods: The 442 Pro Moon Clip CAN be loaded with Loose Rounds, by Speed Strip, by Speed Loader, as well as by Moon Clip. So you do not have to use the Moon Clips to make it work.

Loading and Unloading Tools: It is best to use one. I have the Delux Moon Clip Tool with Arbors for 38, 40/10mm, as well as 45acp. This tool works well for loading and stripping moon clips.

One Handed Operation of Tool: This is doable. You might need to make a stand for the tool to keep it steady and at the correct angle to accept ammunition.
For removing the cases a board with a Peg should work to hold the moon clips steady. Drop the center hole of the moon clip over the peg. You can now pop them off with a section of 1/2" copper pipe or 1/2" EMT Conduit.

That is about all I can think of.


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