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At the store where I buy most of my guns, I can pretty well look at the tag and figure what they'll take, but there are factors that might change that.

For example, if they just got a let's say a pristine Model 19, in the box with papers, I don't expect them to knock anything off right away. Why should they? They just got it in. The next guy through the door might pay the sticker price for it and everybody will be happy as a clam in mud. Now, let that same gun hang around the shop for a week or two, and give people a chance to look it over and have the opportunity to pay full price, then they're more willing to drop the price. Of course you run the risk of losing the gun if you wait.

Is it a week before Christmas? Don't expect much off. Sorry but if you don't want it, the guy behind you probably does. And he's willing to pay full price. I'll give that to the store. They make a lot of their money in those weeks. If it's something I really want, I'll just bite the bullet and pay the freight.

If it's something like a Glock, that they get in every day, it's one thing. If it's that pristine Model 19? Not so often. All those things play into how much they're willing to dicker.
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