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All those semi soften resizing wax tubs have been around in one name or another throughout reloading history. Nope not for me. I have been using a RCBS lube pad & their brass lube longer than I care to think about on my bench. Easy quick roll on the pad and done. No wrinkled shell shoulders or excessive amounts of resizing wax seen built up over time on my dies de-capping stems. Unlike those wax tubs are known to do. Since Hornadys One shot is airborne. Who knows where that stuff ends up. Or for that matter whats exactly in it. (Chemicals) At my bench I try to keep things simple that work for me. The RCBS lube pad just does.

Staying on point:: Re-size your cartridges case's first. Then drop them into your brass vibrator or tumbler type cleaner for a good cleaning. Media in cleaner will remove the Imperial wax from the brass.

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