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I did not know Wildcats were swc now. Thought they were always solid RN.

Winchester hit a home run with their 'Power Point' - the original 40 gr. plated HP SWC - ammo that was originally made in Australia. Probably tested on rabbits down there.
Power Point is by far the most accurate high velocity ammo I've ever used.

I think W-W took this bullet shape and sales success into their bulk, reviving the 'Expert' name along with the new "Dynapoint' name for the plain version and packaging a poor 36 gr. plated version into their '333' and '555'.
None of this imitation ammo shoots as accurately as the premium Power Point, but it feeds well enough in my semis.

I highly recommend the Power Point for a try.
Cost is higher than bulk.
And good luck finding any of it now the way the market is!!

A quick check of my regular rimfire supplier shows a two to three week backlog on accepting orders, much less filling them.
Must be over concern of on-line, mail order ammo being regulated or curtailed.

Strange times for sure.

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