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I use Imperial with the pan method, you don't use near as much as it looks like in that video. I figure you could easily lube 10K or 20K cases per tin and I am being conservative here. I am still on the same tin I bought 3 years ago and it is 3/4 full. I have done several thousand .223's with it now and because it is so easy I recently started lubing my pistol stuff also, so figure 1000 9 mm's in that count also.

I wash cases, soap, water and citric acid before lubing and after depriming. It is quick, easy and it works. I would rate the cases cleaner than what they used to be when I tumbled dry but leaves some of the residue in primer pockets and in the bottom of the cases so not quite as clean as the wet pin method. It also works well when doing large quantities, 800 9mm won't even make a dent in a 5 gal bucket
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