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The Nazi's also said they were just following orders, did that make killing Jews and other people declared non citizens okay?

I know some people need a reason to assure themselves that what's happening to them and others is right, okay... So when madame F finally gets her way and everyone is told to turn in your guns or go to jail, what then?

I've already made up my mind and I hope others have to that when the day comes, don't register your guns. Or even think of turning them in for that matter, because if you do they'll be melted down before you'll ever get them back.

Hate to say it but this Country is headed for another civil war because you know the shooting is going to start somewhere. Once it does there's no more fence sitting and there will be a lot of dead people on both sides before it ends. For this, Obama will go down as the most hated or the greatest president ever. Just depends on which side loses this time and in a civil war no one really wins.
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