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globemaster3, Tikirocker just said that it was a "Mutt" and to re-barrel it and put on new furniture and then it might be worth something. Here's his qoute "The rifle is not original or a legit Lee Enfield item, rather these rifles were cut down post war and sold by certain companies in the U.S and retailed as novelties with names like "Tankers" and "Tanker Cabines" etc. These never existed, were never issued by any Commonwealth nation who used the No4 and are a complete fiction.

If you ever get a hankering to restore it, replace the shortened barrel and fit a replacement fore-end and hand guards - I wager you'd add more value to it than what it is worth in its current form."

Cheers, Tiki.

\I guess he didn't like it. I think it has a bit of "cool" Factor and I'm leaving it like it is.

By the way, the brass disc has nothing on it.
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