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SPS tactical

So I am feeling like it is time to make my SPS tactical my own. Currently it is stock with Leupold rings, bases, and a mueller apv. I like the feel of the Hogue stock however, it has no bedding and is not free floating. The x-mark trigger is leaving something to be desired.

I am torn between B&C, HS, and AICS. I like the look of the AICS and I have not heard one negative review. I do have a question I have not found an answer for. Can the rifle be single loaded with those mags or is it too much of a hassle? The B&C of choice would be the m40 in OD and the HS would be the m24 stock. I could always add CDI bottom metal for those, but not at the top of the list of things to do.

As far as rings and bases, what have you guys had the best luck with? I hear a lot of EGW. I do not feel like I have the need for the 20 MOA rail yet. Are there any reasonably priced one piece rings and bases that work well?

Trigger, I am looking at the Timney flat trigger. David Tubb talks highly enough about them, but I have never seen anyone running one. Anyone have any experience?

The scope I do believe to be decided. The Weaver tactical 5-15 with mil adjustments. Again, anyone else have any experience to sway my interest elsewhere?
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