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Good and Bad news from BCM

Long story short.... I work for an FFL while trying to find a teaching job. YES I am an unemployed Elementary teacher who currently sells and works on firearms for a living! I might as well put a horn on my head and call myself a Unicorn.

I have always had a love for the AR platform and I quite often used BCM to build my own rifles and friends rifles and even customers rifles.

I am also a big Travis Haley fanboy I must say.

When I saw the news of the release of the Haley Strategic Jack Carbine with collaboration by BCM... and other top tier company's I about jumped for joy. I decided I had to have one and promptly messaged HSP on Facebook to go about trying to find out how to order one. I literally waited up all night waiting for the order form to be available on BCM's website and when it was.. I printed it and filed it out. I already had a copy of my FFL to go in the mail with it.

The next morning I went and sold my newest built AR to a friend to cover some of the cost of my Jack Carbine.. then I promptly went to the post office to over night my order form to BCM for my Jack.

Much to my dismay when returning to work from the post office... I found out what had just happened in CT that same very morning.

The last few weeks with all the panic buying going on I was fearful in the back of my mind that my Jack Carbine would never arrive. I have a few stripped and complete lowers laying around my work shop, plus where I work have been receiving small shipments of AR's when we can still get them so I had the basic need for an AR already covered.. but I really wanted a Jack.

Finally last night BCM emailed me, to tell me they had received my order for my Jack Carbine, and my spot is reserved. The delivery time is pushed back 1 to 2 months... but I am still happy that I will be receiving one of these. I really just cant wait for it.

I will certainly post pics once I have it I promise... I feel like a kid on Xmas morning and am literally excited by the news and wanted to share.
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