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both Ruger SR9s and Springfield XD9s can be had for around $400 but you may have to shop around to find them priced at that right now. I own an SR9 compact and use it as my concealed carry pistol, it is very accurate, reliable, has a decent trigger and good ammo capacity. I love the XD but in my opinion the only advantage that it has over the SR9 is a slightly better trigger while the SR9 has higher ammo capacity and longer sight radius(the distance between front and rear sight, the longer the distance the easier it is to align proper sight picture). I rave over the XDM though, they are my favorite handgun of all time but they rarely drop under $600 and the XD is a decent gun all the same.

if you are in the mood for a gun that not everyone has then you may look at the Arcus 98 DA. this Bulgarian pistol is imported by century international arms and though many stores do not normally keep them in stock, most can special order from lipseys wholesale or can do a transfer from buds gunshop. they normally run just north of $300. they are a budget priced alternative to the browning hi power pistol so many that buy them expecting a BHP are disappointed by the quality comparison but they do have a small cult following here on TFL. I have yet to spend any trigger time with one most reports and reviews are positive.

all guns mentioned are in 9mm.
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