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Are these Ruger Commanders actually for sale now? Or is this just one of those teasers, where we won't see the actual gun in stores for a few years? I can't even find the full size SR1911.
Well, I don't know how long you've been in the gun game, but this statement is kind of interesting because it's really two different things here.

Back in the day, Ruger was famous (or, infamous, as it were) about "releasing" new guns to the gun writers and magazines with reviews and print ads, and then they worked hard (and LONG and SLOW) and it took them seemingly f o r e v e r to get their "new" guns to the market. It upset and annoyed...well, just about everyone.

At some point in the recent past, Ruger took a look at that and addressed it. These days, they come up with an idea, design a gun, test that gun, and get it close to final product before they tell anyone. Even then, they invite gun scribes to a closed event complete with a confidentiality clause and they introduce the gun to THEM, with a signed guarantee that mum's the word.

When the gun is ready for showtime, they announce it--usually on the website (and sometimes with an "upcoming product announcement") and produce the first run of them and get them to distributors. The gun you see on the website is typically available from some distributors immediately.

The SR-1911 was never the vaporware of the old Ruger. It was in ultra-high demand when it was released and though there wasn't a zillion of them available, they were out there. I know, I shot an early one when nobody could find one.
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