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Originally Posted by BigDinFL
Why does everyone seem to think they are going to get pulled over, stripped searched by the side of the road, and have their car searched by a dog sniffing for ammo?
I am not saying to break the law, but be realistic. If you drive the limit, aren't drinking and generally behave as you traverse, let your conscience be your guide
You aren't saying to break the law? Sure you are, be honest. The only reason for carrying a gun is for self defense. If we could be 100 percent certain there would be no need for self defense while on vacation, of course it would be a simple decision to leave the gun at home

But we can't be certain we won't need it. That's why we take it. So if the ONLY reason you take it is because you might have to use it ... is it really a good idea to equip it with a magazine that you KNOW is illegal in the destination state?
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