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New to Forum with Question

I am a Newbie on the forum and I am some what of a novice when it comes to firearms and all of the different calibers.

I have a S&W .38 special model 36 (Chief's Special snub nose revolver) the serial no. I found was inside the frame after opening the cylinder underneath where is says mod. 36 and the serial number is 5 digits with the first two being 57xxx. Here are my questions:

1. Does the 57 mean the year this revolver was made?

I have been firing target load .38 special with this at the range several times with no issues and the other day I picked up some ammunition and when I got home I realized it was a little different, it is Remmington UMC 125 gr JHP .38 +P.

Is it safe to shoot these rounds in my revolver?

Thanks, John
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