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Can you custom order j-frames with deferent barrels?

I just sold my lcr357 and loved the gun but the awkward trigger guard made it a pain to find holsters for.

After looking at s&w's website I basically want the 340pd in steel. But the only internal hammer j-frame s&w makes in all steel is the 640 which has a 2.1 inch barrel as opposed to the 1.87 barrel of the more traditional j-frames. I love the look of the 640 but the diffrent barrel worrys me. Something as minuscule as a trigger guard made it a pain to find a good holster for the lcr. I am concerned the barrel will do the same.

So my question is this: does anyone know if s&w will let you custom order the 640 with the 1.87" barrel?

I would mostly be using the gun for pocket carry so the shorter overall legnth would be better for me but one can't rule out belt carry.

Any help would be very appreciated
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