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That was him actually lol. I had explained that before, it doesn't matter how many rounds you have if you can't hit anything with it.

His argument was that in a packed crowd like the theater in Aurora, he didn't need to aim because of how dense the population was. I asked then how is a bolt action going to be any less lethal? Most hunting rifles are powerful enough to take down a full grown Buck, and the cartridges could easily pierce a victims body and go through the next. If you ask me, that's just as lethal if not more than an AR15, don't even get me started on shotguns.

He refuted it again with his tired statement of how it would be less rounds, slower rate of fire etc etc. People could have more time between shots or when he had to reload etc.

If there was another shooting they should be banned too etc.

As I said, it was pointless to continue after a while. The arguments I put out were more for those reading the thread that may have been on the fence.
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