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Appraisal of M1A

I've been reducing my collection as of late, trying to pear down the collection to guns that get used most often.
So, I'm thinking of selling my Springfeild M1A Scout. Putting a feeler out to get an idea of a reasonable price. Granted, there is a feeding frenzy on everything semi-auto, but I'm not looking to shaft anyone. However, I do realize these firearms are commanding a premium these days. Trying to get a reasonable appraisal.

Springfield M1A Scout
Vltor Modstock
Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x
Springfield GenIII mount
Fulton Armory short forend Piccatiny
Harris model L bipod
Blue Force 2 pt. sling (not in photo)
5 - 20rd mags
2 - 5rd mags
200 rds of ammo in sealed battle pack.

Will also throw in...
Original stock and heat shield
Original LER scope mount
stripper clip guide

The rifle is a retired police patrol rifle and the original stock shows some "trunk rash" but the metal parts are in Very Good condition.
All other parts are also in VG condition...the rifle is a range baby.

I'm thinking of hitting a gunshow next weekend and putting $3500-$4000 on it.

Am I insane?
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