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Lots of ARs, Mags, and Ammo at the gun show today.

Went to the gunshow in north MS (Memphis suburb) today. Lots of ARs, Mags, and ammo. I am not an AR or 223 guy so I didn't study the prices too hard, but it seems like the lowest prices AR I saw (DMPS) was $1600. Noticed most wolf .223 ammo was $14 a box. 30 round AR mags were $50 for poly $30 for metal. I say one 100 AR drum for $250 and one guy had 33 round glock mags for $125.

Handgun prices seem usual for gunshow (slightly higher than they should). I have a couple of SKSs so I was looking at them hardest. $350 - $450 for really beat up ones $500 + for ones in good shape. $650 for ones that take AK mags. Tapco SKS mags were $30 - $35.

Interesting thing to me was what I was looking for was a Stainless Ruger SA (Vaquero or Blackhawk) in 357 mag. I did not see a single one. No new ones or used ones. A few blued but not a single Stainless.

Wasn't a total waste. I bought a fair condition SKS wood stock (to refinish for fun) with handguard for $10, and 200 rounds of Tula 7.62x39 for $50
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