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My utility room is where I get mine

In the past 6 years I have bought 100 rounds of commercially loaded ammo. That was just to get some brass to play with for a newly acquired caliber.

I am in possession of (assorted) 5,000 primers, half that number of bullets, several coffee cans of brass and 12 pounds of powder. With a few more bullets, I could shoot for a year and never have to go into a store.

Have you considered reloading?

My setup could be duplicated for 3 calibers for $600 and with it I can produce 100-125 rounds per hour (continuous, including setup, refilling, teardown, swapping calibers and boxing the finished ammo). All this for 1/4 to 1/3 the price of commercial ammo (half-price if I pay myself $18 per hour to do it).

For $200 to $250 you could do the same, but would be slower.

Just a thought.

Otherwise, you might check with your local police department to see where they get their practice/training ammo. Local commercial reloaders don't often advertise, but they are all over the place. Gun stores often have them in their rolodex, too.

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