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The horror...

Went to the range today and noticed a couple spent caps on the I know that they weren't mine since they looked like they were struck by a Remington and not the Colts that I carry. I asked a few guys if they had been shooting BP and one of them said that he had been shooting a '58 Pietta a few days earlier.

So he heads back from his car with the Pietta and lets me check it out....oh the was an 11 year old gun that he admits to have NEVER cleaned. Nearly every oriface and moving part seemed like they were moments away from completely seizing up....and lets not mention the heavy deposits of rust over the gun.

I asked if he had considered selling it since the thing needed some love and care. guy says, nah, it was a gift and was planning on keeping it, then goes back to his truck and tossed it to the floorboard.
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