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Phoenix KickLite quick review

Installed on Mossberg 500 SP

It does unquestionably control recoil comfortably,

I only had a few minutes to stop by the range so five rounds of Remington 1oz slugs 2 3/4" followed by five of Remington 000 buck 3", and smooth as can be *on the shoulder*

Here are the drawbacks to this system as I see and feel them.
The pistol grip is forward of the recoil suppression, meaning it moves back with the recoil, this can be uncomfortable in the hand like shooting it pistol grip only, with some practice I could see it being perhaps beneficial because you could use the arm to help suppress the recoil, but it is not natural feeling to have the grip move while seated in the shoulder.

and BIG NOTE, I read the other reviews before and heard of the slap in the face, confirmed!

DO NOT attempt a cheek weld with this thing, last time I got smacked like that I was buying some other man's woman a drink...

All in all, it does what it says, it does produce a noticeable recoil reduction, but I am going to have to figure out a better way to get in line with the target without touching my face to the weapon
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