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I initially wrote out a long post about how people knew that the election was coming up and they knew that there would be painful shortages of loaded ammo AND primers and bullets, and that in this life one needs to be prudent and make sure one has plenty of what one wants (for firearms hobby stuff and everything else) and if you did not stock up long ago (last winter, last spring, certainly by last summer) you were going to be out of luck because the shortages were very predictable, very much expected by everyone.

Well, it was written exactly how I feel. It said what I believe to be absolutely true. Sometimes, the truth hurts. And, when I re-read the posted comments I decided there was no point to hurting people here with that kind of "I told you so" stuff, so I edited it to more of a nicer way of saying it, but the point remains true that the folks posting that they've been caught by surprise have got to be kidding; we all saw this coming from a million miles away.
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