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Lower power scope on AR

My new Bushnell 1.5 - 4.4 x 32 Dusk to Dawn scope came in the mail today. First impressions: Seems heavy for its short size. Outer edges of the view are a little blurry, common on low end scopes. No problem mounting in on the flat top of my R-15, lots of room to move it. Mounted it and WOW is it ever fast on target at close range at 1.5 power, for me way faster than I ever hoped to be with apeture/post sights, no batteries and on 4.5 while it wouldn't be much of a prairie dog rifle (but then I have a different one for that) it ain't bad. I did mount it just a litle short of perfect since I have a longer neck than my wife, but I can live with it and so can she. Heaven help any zombies or bad guys that show up at the door or in the yard and pasture once I get it sighted back in. Now waiting for the rail to mount the TRL-1 on and its complete. I had thought about selling it while the prices are crazy high, but my wife likes it too so why would I?

I like the scope much better than any red dot I have tried, however I have never tried any of the high end ones. For those who are looking for an optic and haven't tried a low power scope give one a look through, for $70 its a heck of a nice scope for an AR.
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