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Nice to see two fairly ordinary rifles taken care of as all should be. There are so many guns coming out of closets in neglected shape that these are a treat.

I recently saw pictures of two name brand, high quality, high value pistols that had been neglected to rust since the owner's death. I don't know, maybe he didn't take care of his stuff while he was alive.

I can't say whether the Remington or the Mossberg would be the better keeper and shooter. I'd want them both for the family connection.

Back when the Remington was new, it made sense to have a rifle that would handle .22 short, long, and long rifle. All were readily availble and priced in proportion to power. Nowadays, you would have to look for and pay more for shorts and I don't know where you would go for longs.
Long rifles are the standard and you can get them in all capabilities and prices. High velocity, standard velocity, subsonic; bulk packed plinkers, good quality hunting ammo, true match grade at high prices.
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