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I have doubts about this post & the details. I'm not calling the forum member a liar, I just think there are 2 sides to the story & there may be more to it.

I worked as a VA employee in the late 1990s(NTE position, GS-04). I worked in the VA police & security service. I saw firsthand how veterans with firearms & concealed weapons were treated.
I also get VA medical services & use a local VA medical center where I now live.
The Dept of Veterans Affairs is not perfect. There are a lot of clock-watchers & slackers there. Many of the medical doctors are sub-standard or looking to hold a public service job until they move into a higher paying slot. A few are just bottom of the barrel scumbags filling VA positions that no one wants.
I made a formal complaint to a program manager about a "psychologist" I was mandated to see. This pant-load nitwit was so off track I said he should get a psych eval! That VA doctor was removed from my treatment team.
My state passed new laws that prevent medical doctors from prying into firearms ownership or weapons unless they are not allowed to own-use firearms by law. That's fair & prudent. I'm not sure if it applys to the US Dept of Veterans Affairs. That's federal property.

I'd add that if you are a veteran & get VA treatment, if you have a complaint or dispute, go to the Veteran's rep office. They act as a advocate for the veteran & insure SOPs or standards are met. If the problem is serious, go to the OIG; office of the inspector general or the local media.
VA managers & SES(senior executives) grade do not like bad PR or problems.
The VA isn't perfect but there are resources available to resolve complaints.

I have to agree with ClydeFrog. I too am not calling anyone a liar in the least as I think very highly of the members of this board.

I've had my experiences with the VA too and I've never been in a position where firearms were discussed. I sort of handle the affairs of my cousin who lost a leg in Iraq and is suffering from extreme PTSD.

No doubt there is red tape and extremely frustrating hoops to jump through not to mention several incompetent Shrinks. It took us some time to finally get one that actually had some clue as to what he was doing and talking about.

All that aside, and I'm trying to think back as well as I can, and I can't remember that form of "Gun ownership interrogation" ever taking place. So I too would be interested in both sides of this argument also.
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