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Hopefully, they will re introduce the TPH in 22lr as a reliable product.
A German-built TPH cannot be imported to the USA unless Walther somehow manages to graft an adjustable rear sight and "target" grips onto it.

Post-1968 TPHs were built in the USA under the Interarms banner. When that company folded, the .32/.380 PP-series manufacturing licenses were sold to S&W, but I'm unsure whether the TPH license went with them.

At any rate, TPH production is likely to resume only when a US-based company picks it up, most likely S&W.
A photo in the manual shows a Cologne (Umarex) proof mark rather than an Ulm proof mark.
Good catch! Must be built by Umarex then.

Interestingly, most of the other pictures in the manual don't reveal any glaring differences from an older PP-series pistol. I have a hunch that the manufacturing costs may have been lowered by the extensive use of MIM, castings, and stampings in place of forgings.
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