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Gunshow Report

I just came from a gunshow about an hour ago. Here are my observations:

1. Arrived at 9:30 - line was HUGE, but it moved and I got into the gunshow within 45 minutes or so.

2. Lots of folks new to guns and shooting waiting in line - made my wait in line interesting hearing all of the comments. A decent number of women in their 20's - 50's actually their on their own, not just tagging along with husbands/boyfriends.

3. People were trying to sell AR builds for $1,500 - $2,000 outside the gunshow. There were few, if any, buyers at those prices. In the gun show, one dealer was selling Spikes Tactical AR's for about $1,000 - they were selling, but not as fast as I thought they would. There was only one person selling AR lowers - $325 and there wasn't much of a selection. Most AR uppers that I saw were A2's. One guy was trying to get rid of A2 Uppers for $60/each (used) and no one seemed interested. Barrels were priced from $200-$400.

4. Sig 556's were all priced right around $2,000 - none were selling at those prices.

5. I saw a couple of nice Witness Match pistols with rail, two-tone 9mm w/17 round magazine - $675. That price almost seemed reasonable.

6. There was no shortage of your average Glocks. Glocks were around $500; The larger (non-polymer, alloy-framed) Sigs were priced at around $1,000.

7. It seemed like every other table had AR doo-dads; i.e. stocks, rail systems, sights, uber-tactical stuff; but no selection of bolts, bolt carriers, and the parts that actually make them work.

8. Good luck trying to sell a revolver - you could hear crickets chirping at those tables.

9. Lots of Imbel Fals for sale, but not a lot of interest in those.

10. Folks were mostly buying ammo. Lots of ammo at inflated prices was being sold. I even bought some 9mm ammo and 10mm ammo.

11. I did notice that the guns that were being sold were mostly carry-sized small semi-autos.

I walked through several times until I finally had enough, leaving with some ammo and a big headache.
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