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You can get an aftermarket barrel with the right setup to mount the red dot and still have the original 41 setup.

I understand some need to be sent back to S&W for fitting due to the tight tolerances

I currently own an OLDER Model 41 along with several High Standards along with a couple of Ruger SS Competition Target MKII's. Out of all of them the High Standards are the BEST trigger hands down. The S&W breaks very clean but the HS triggers are incredible. I have polished the stock sear on my Rugers and added a Volquartsen adjustable trigger but it still does not compare with either the Model 41 or any of my HS. With that said - get ready for this- my Ruger out shoots them all. Why? I truly believe it is due to the red dot scope I have on it, not to mention the Ruger is a fine pistol. I am simply not willing to risk putting a rail and scope on either my Model 41 or my HS. My Model 41 woud have to be drilled and tapped to accomodate a rail, absolutely not!! Out of my High Standard's only my Victor models have factory pre-drilled holes but I have not made the decision to put a rail on one of them yet so I could put a red dot on one of them. If I ever do I have no doubt it would be magical. So if I were to compare apples to apples, scope to scope, trigger to trigger, the High Standards come in first, Model 41 second, Ruger third. But that is a close race. Good Luck. I hope that helps.
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