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Thanks for all the replies! To clear things up I would like to say that the .22 idea is mainly for home defense/crap-hits-the-fan type shooting. I do carry my .38's from time to time. I ALWAYS have my Kel-Tec .380 in my pocket. I can still shoot my revolvers fine and shoot the little .380 fine. But, I do have some trouble with my wrists. I am worried about being able to rack a slide on an auto. I can do it now, but don't know for how long. The .38's are a bit harsh, but I can manage them. The LCR is a lot more pleasant for me to shoot and I can hit with it a whole lot better. That is why I would like one.

I do have two .22 handguns, but I am wanting to stockpile ammo for my three .22 rifles. I have a Marlin 60, an older (Savage, I think) semi auto that belonged to my father in law, and a Henry lever action. I can afford to shoot and buy more .22 ammo than any other.
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