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Ruger has released a compact bolt gun similar to the Gunsite that is chambered in heavier calibers for guide gun service
It's just another version of the M77, not the Gunsite. Note that there is no single-stack detachable magazine, just the standard box magazine.
Haven't all guide guns been lever-action previously?
No. Typically a guide gun is a fast-handling, compact, close-range stopper. Professional hunters world-wide have used doubles and bolt actions for the better part of a century, but we here in the USA often think of guides in Alaska or the North Woods, and many guides there do indeed use a lever action, but not all. Remington came out with the model 673 about 10 years back, their bolt action version of a guide gun, even called it a guide rifle. No offense to the Marlin 1895 fans here, but a guide gun does not have to be a lever action.
how fast could you cycle a bolt in the intense, close-quarters circumstances a guide gun would be used in?
The standard for military firearms for almost a century was the bolt action repeater. A trained shooter can cycle and fire a bolt action almost as fast as an autoloader because the bolt is cycled during recoil recovery. I am no pro but have fired two chargers of ammo (10 rounds) from a Mauser 98 in under a minute, that is about 5 seconds per aimed shot with about 10 seconds left to reload. You can go to virtually any vintage military rifle match and see this repeated over and over. Besides, you only need to connect with one well-placed round to stop even the most determined charge. I know one person who used to guide in AK, and he used a 375 H&H bolt action.
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