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Good luck indeed when someone uses the term Darth Vader when talking about a gun. If I knew this person was in my vicinity I would leave as fast as I could.

Its a fine example of propaganda and wrong technical mechanism operation information as the compact DOES NOT have the rotating barrel lock. It has the standard tilt and lock system.

The Beretta PX4 Compact (not sub-compact) is the Darth Vader of Handguns. First, its wicked nasty looking. Second, its as formidable and dangerous as its looks. Third, its deadly reliable and accurate. This is a serious combat weapon engineered for serious combat. It 's rotary barrel design substantially reduces felt recoil, giving you a greater chance of staying on target and re-aquiring the target in a high stress situation. It is full featured with dual thumb safeties that also function as de-cockers, single/double action firing modes, easily activated thumb cocker, dual slide releases and 15 round standard magazines. An ergonomic grip with a short length to trigger aids natural pointing and straight smooth trigger pulls. The weighted slide supports holding the barrel nose down during high stress firing. The overall design of this weapon is to give you every advantage. The quality is un-surpassed. Bruniton finish, thick polymer rails, deep set steel inserts, thick locking block, steel guide rod with dual springs. These weapons have field and torture tested to over 150,000 rounds without major parts wear or failure. It will go tit for tat with anything on the market. At $500, you can buy a more expensive weapon, but not a better one. Good Luck!
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