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For any system to be considered for any firearm it will have to be one that is identical in reliability to a firearm not so equipped. Failing that test means the firearm is no longer RELIABLE.

Also, to what end? What about the millions of firearms already in the hands of owners? They represent and endless supply. I'm regularly shooting firearms that are over 100+ years old and they are not even close to being worn out. I expect them to last another 100 or 200 or 300 years if taken care of.

As for an assault weapon being more powerful than a handgun ... OK, but that is not a matter of any real consequence. Yes, my AR-15 is more powerful than my Walther P-38. Your AR-10 is more powerful than my AR-15.

If we're speaking of lethality against soft targets in a confined area where said targets cannot fight back or flee ... I see no significant difference in the end result between any high powered pistol round vs 5.56 vs 7.62.

I also don't accept that you can kill faster with an assault rifle than you can with a pistol (in the previously mentioned situation). Regardless of magazine capacity differences, reloading takes seconds. If we're talking a stop watch timed event, you're correct, but in the overall, real world ... I see no difference in the end result.

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