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The striker fired guns without a true safety are dangerous regardless of what all the striker crows says (be that XD, glock or S&W (the MP does offer a safety that negates the issue.)

It is NOT the fact that you had your finger on the trigger, its the fact that the trigger gets CAUGHT and due to the low amount of resistance in the strikers, the gun then goes off.

XD negates that a bit with the grip safety and supposedly the little interlock thinnyg on the trigger on XD, glock and S&W makes that less likely.

Less is safety is not more safety.

As Lenin put it, a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. You might want to look into the fact that it was glock propaganda that started this whole thing and if there ever was a conflict of interest in a contention, that is it. Anyone want to trust Leamnon Brothers with their money?

A DA/SA pistol may or may not have a safety, but to get the trigger to travel full length and fire requires something around 10-12 lbs of force (officially, it seem to be more 11-12 in actually)

That worked well for revolvers and continues to do so with the DA/SA (HK also offers a 1911 type safety on their P30 (not sure on others) if you want to go that extra mile.

Barrett has a safety on it though its the UP type to fire and you need to practice that as its a bit unintuitive.

The lack of a hard pull is why so many glock legs shootings have occurred.

IT also means you have to have them in a holster as they should not be carried concealed non holster.

The reality is that no one is 100% safe, we all make mistakes and the strikers are less safe as they have less latitude.

What was a feature for military use (glock) was then spun into a PR campaign that tried to overcome it with propaganda (and succeeded).
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