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Discussion on SMART guns and assault Rifles

After every crazy does something crazy the main stream media and the left want to punish all the non crazies. CT incident being no different except that we have a socialistic administration currently that would love nothing more than to disarm America.

A lot has been tossed around about smart guns. I have zero contact with any of them. What are some of your thoughts on this technology on assault weapons. I would not be for this technology on my carry weapon or home defense weapons. If I ever need those a malfunction of this technology is not acceptable. I know the argument over an AR15 being a home defense firearm and my personal opinion is it is a terrible choice for that purpose.
Far to much penetration for the close quarters your children may be in. So for the sake of this discussion please let's keep the assault riffle (all of them) out of the realm of home protection. Even if you choose to use one for that purpose.

My AR10 (.308) is used for paper punching, hog hunting, and let's hope I never need to defend the flag with it. But my opinion for assault rifles being allowed in American hands is that the government is fully aware it's citizenry is armed with assault rifles thus needs to tread lightly. I would hate for any of that to happen however.

So, for hog hunting, and killing paper zombies, would smart technology be a bad thing on assault weapons? Like the four button combination on my quick access safe. Perhaps the same on the stock of a firearm. Of fingerprint recognition from the trigger. I do not know all the available technology, but let's say before you handed your son an AR15 you had to put in the code for the rifle to fire. Think that's a good idea? Of course it would add to the cost of the firearm. What are your thoughts on this? Let's be honest. An assault weapon is a far more powerful firearm than hand guns. And more killing can be done rapidly with one. So would it be a good idea to disrupt there use for this. Even though it is rare.
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