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CZ pistols are just one more brand to take a look at. As mentioned all modern pistols have built in safeties. Some have more than others do. Probably a good way to get started is to find a range that rents pistols. One that also has instructors is even better. It is always better to get instruction when you are going to use a dangerous machine. A person can learn to drive a car by trial and error. They can do it faster and safer with an instructor. The same goes for guns. I believe self taught drivers are more dangerous to them and others just as self taught shooters are.

Renting pistols might seem expensive. It will let you know what you like and don't like fairly quickly. You won't take a beating trying to sell a new pistol you only shot one time to get something else that you might not like as well. This could go on for a while until you find something that just works for you. To be honest, buying a pistol generally is the cheap part. Paying range fees and buying ammo is where you normally spend more. Reloading tends to reduce the cost of ammo, but you wind up shooting more. You still spend a lot more on ammo than you do the pistol over its life time.

I do suggest renting a few pistols and instruction from either an experienced shooter or better yet an instructor prior to purchasing a pistol. I highly suggest you take a class for concealed carry before you consider going that route. Not all states require taking a class before you can get a license to carry. One last thing to think about. The smaller the pistol is the more difficult it is to shoot accurately. Pistols with a longer distance between the front and rear sight will be easier to stay on target with. Heavier pistols tend to reduce the amount of recoil a shooter feels too. Heavy pistols are a pain to carry all day long compared to smaller lighter pistols.
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