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ATF Background Check Delays

I recently ordered an AR Complete Lower which was delivered to my local FFL on Thursday. The FFL is a pawn shop which recently changed owners. I called late Thursday to check on the lower and the clerk told me they did not receive all the info they needed from the seller and it should be emailed to him on Friday. On Friday I called again and he indicated that he still did not have the info. I questioned him on what info he needed and he finally told me to come in Sat. to pick the lower. On arrival at the PS on Sat. the clerk said he was experiencing delays on calls to the ATF Background Check line for as long as an hour. He did not want to tie up his phone line for that long. He asked me to fill out the 1st page of the ATF Form and said he would call me when he received approval. Has anyone experienced delays on receiving ATF approval?
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