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The word "safety" is dangerous. Many people hear it, and automatically assign belief in the firearm's true level of safe operation, based on inclusion or exclusion of an active safety. That you are more safe with a firearm that has a safety is mostly incorrect.

Modern firearms do not discharge without pulling the trigger.

Working for a dealer, I see a LOT of people come in who are looking for a safety, without any thought given to it. This is generally because they fear that the firearm will "just go off", or as a means of keeping their kids from accidental harm (!!!). In either case, the implication is that they are giving the firearm more responsibility than it should have.

Safety is found in our behaviors. Mechanical safeties are, at best, a supplement to good behaviors. In this context, they are fine.

Of the active safety options out there, the backstrap/beaver tail safety is the best, in my opinion. You don't have to worry about forgetting to switch it off, so there really is no trade off in having one. With thumb safeties (like my Ruger's), you really have to practice sweeping them every time you draw, even if you try to carry with it off-- just in case.
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