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I have seen war footage were combatants would hold their ak's with one hand out shooting and keeping their body behind a wall.
Not a very useful tactic in a one on one fight with limited ammunition, but as you say it might break his self image of invincibility and send him scurrying for cover, and might distract him long enough for others to escape.
I would think that following this type of strategy with an active shooter would be a bad idea. Aside from violating the four rules of gun safety you are liable to do more harm than good especially in a crowded area. I would not suggest that anyone do things that soldiers do in combat when engaging an active shooter or self defense.

The legal and ethical considerations of combat are very different than that of self defense type situation. Combat is geared towards selective use of force to achieve certain objectives while Self Defense is geared towards protecting your self (and possibly others). Things that are considered acceptable in combat such as shooting a fleeing unarmed enemy soldier in the back or inflicting casualties on non combatants do not apply in the civilian world.
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