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I hope it means that hunters and others who really ignored the threats to the 2nd Amendment because they didn't believe it would affect them personally are now concerned about what the law might do. This might give us an even larger base of people to then resist attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights.
I'm looking at it that way.

Because of many factors* I think there are more gun owners and shooters than before and I too hope it means more people will 'just say no' to the anti-gun hysteria that is going on.

*Some factors:
More people buying handguns for personal defense.
More concealed carry permit holders because of changes to the laws.
More people shooting the guns they bought and finding out that shooting can be a fun activity.
More people with friends and neighbors with guns that would take them shooting.
The 'support our troops' effort I think puts guns and the folk that use them in a better light.
---Some things that might hurt our side.
I think (but I don't know) that the number of hunters is actually down.
I think (but again I don't know) that the number of military veterans in the population is down too.
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