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  • Originally Posted by Skans
  • I don't quite understand the OP. He already has two .38 cal revolvers. If it were me, I'd save the money that I'd spend on a .22 and .22 ammo and just buy some good .38 defensive loads and call it a day.
Me too.

Seems like the obvious answer.
I think the OP was referring to something with higher capacity for home defense in a possible civil unrest or multiple intruder scenario. A rifle like the 10/22 with 25 to 30 rounds of hyper-velocity 22LR would work fairly well. Maybe not as well as an AK, AR or even a 9mm carbine, but it would definitely work due to the rifle length barrel. The biggest disadvantage is the rimfire aspect, but with reliable ammo it becomes much less of a factor.

I've said this so many times already - a few 40gr 22LR @ ~1,400 fps & ~180-200 lb in the chest of most will at the very least slow them down if not drop 'em dead right there. Take a look at this slo-mo from Brassfetcher and compare it to a high performance 9mm from a handgun. No one can tell me that three CCI 40gr Velocitors in someone's chest ain't gonna kill 'em dead pretty dang quickly or at least make 'em think twice.


9mm: Hornady124gr XTP

With that said - I would NOT advise on using the 22LR round from a pocket pistol or even a 6" revolver for SD/HD situations (maybe a 6" revolver if it was all I had). Powder just doesn't burn completely in those short barrels.
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