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Gun and ammo panic worse than ever

I have seen several periods in my life where the public became concerned about being the victims of crime or race riots, or where there was fear that the government would limit or stop our ability to buy certain guns and ammo. At those time the sale of guns would rise, as would the sale of ammunition and related items. But the current situation seems worse than any I have ever been through, including the period in late 2008 after the election of Obama the first time. Local stores here in this part of Illinois that sell firearms that normally have one or no customers at the gun counter, now have crowds of people waiting for a salesman. Ammunition that I have rarely had trouble finding, like bricks of 22lr, now are rare as hen's teeth. And of course, try to find small pistol primers for reloading, ANYWHERE in the country (I guess there may be some stores that had huge stocks of primers, but even the national distributors that I have looked at are out of stock totally). Whether or not we have new gun control laws passed into law after the Biden Commission makes its recommendations this or next month it certainly has influenced a lot of folks to get a gun, or an additional gun or guns and stock up on ammo and supplies. I hope it means that hunters and others who really ignored the threats to the 2nd Amendment because they didn't believe it would affect them personally are now concerned about what the law might do. This might give us an even larger base of people to then resist attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights. For now, I just hope I can soon find the ammo and primers that I can't seem to get locally or on line.
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