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there are several new listings that were not there last time I checked, they probably added them all at the beginning of the year to try and sneak them in before shotshow so they wouldn't have the same fiasco the did last year with the SR1911 and all of the demand hitting them at once.
the P345 is gone, the 22/45 LITE is now a fluted black anodized version that is a lot more appealing than the gold anodized cutout model(at least to me anyway). the ruger Gunsite is now available in stainless and a number of calibers have been kicked from their number 1 rifle lineups are just a few of the changes I've noticed today.
I think the Guide Gun is new too. And a Compact Ruger American Rifle is new. And an LC380 pistol, looks like an LC9 sized .380. And a 6 shot 22 WMRF LCR. And a two tone SR22, and a threaded one.
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