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I can kind of understand wanting to carry what the police carry just because they do but.... I'm a reloader and work up and shoot my own ammo. We all know , what works in one gun may not work as well in another. That is why most reloaders like to reload, or so I thought. I shoot and trust my own ammo and I know how it shoots. I pay strict attention to what I am doing and have never had one fail to go bang. I have in the past had factory ammo do just that. I load on a single stage press and am in complete control of every stage. I follow load data manuals . I figure that if (God forbid) I have to shoot someone (and I would to protect me and my family.) I'm gonna be in a world of %#@& any how. When they find that I was just using published data and their published components, every will come out just fine.
Gun control means: Being able to hit what you are shooting at.
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